My South America songs

Included here are my 2012 Coleg Harlech recordings of five songs which first saw the light of day in South America.  Bombs and Songs, Love Blues and Staring at the Stars quickly came together.  Bombs and Songs really developed inside my head during a dizzy spell 14,000ft up in the Peruvian Andes.  I wrote some words for Trust and Money whilst reading a book by Niall Ferguson called The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World.  It provoked me into asking a lot more questions.  I clicked into a tune for Trust and Money after a happy night with some friendly characters in a Medellin hostel playing guitar, drinking and watching YouTube concert footage of Led Zeppelin.
Whispering Words described the end of my trip when distances became very real and emotions mixed.

In August 2013 I visited Tpot Studio in Scotland where I recorded three more compositions inspired by my South American travels.  People Come and Go was the first one I wrote with my newly acquired Fonseca classical guitar in Mendoza, Argentina.  Follow Your Dreams flourished during a visit to Bahia Inglesa, Chile and Yo Quero Voces! (I Want You!) happened when I returned to Buenos Aires.

Trust and Money, Whispering Words and Love Blues have since been played on the BBC Radio Wales Adam Walton Show.

Stories about all these songs occur in various chapters of my blog


About Ronnie Parry

I am a singer-songwriter and community learning tutor. This blog features the story of my 2010 travels in South America and some of the songs inspired by the trip.
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